Blackout and EMP problems this country facing – Resonant Frequency Self Powered Power Generator

Tesla said,” frequency Plus vibration equals Energy.” This self powered generator is the answer. (US patent number 104 981 73) Read More: More information about the Blackout and EMP problems this country facing. Letter to Elon Musk:

Larry Dagley

Larry Dagley Former Nascar & Sprint Car Driver Talks About Mag-Probe

Larry Dagley Former Nascar & Sprint Car Driver Talks About Mag-Probe Larry Dagley.  I cannot believe how fast this product finds the problem valves and relays on cars.  Now I see it on elevators.  Wow what a great instrument and time saver.  I have been checking the windings on alternators, fuel injection and ignition coils…

Pre-Installation Solenoid Valve and Relay Residual Magnetism Bench Test

Increased F-111 Flight Time Award Presented by Colonel Grumbles To Bob Bartol

Increased F-111 Flight Time Award Presented by Colonel Grumbles to TSGT Bob Bartol on June 17, 1968 Bob Bartol Increased the F-111 Flight Time On the First Swing Wing Aircraft Placed into production. At Edwards Air Force Base in California Bob Bartol Increased F-111 flight time by 9,800 flying hours per year.  As a result of this…



The Earths Magnetic Field is the Medium for all of the Electromagnetic Transmissions ; THUS Electromagnetic Transmissions travel inside from One Overlapping Magnetic Field (such as earths) to Another Planets magnetic field. These Magnetic Fields are connected by overlapping each others magnetic field making one continuous magnetic field. The earths magnetic field is the medium…