What is Mag-Probe?

This magnetic sensing probe is a completely safe, non-contact instrument, which allows troubleshooting without schematics or special training while eliminating time consuming and cumbersome hook-ups.

  • Drastically reduces troubleshooting for solenoid valves, relays and/or anything that has an electrically energized coil or winding
  • Isolates problems as electrical or mechanical in seconds without a schematic
  • Tests electrically operated solenoid valves 99% faster than a voltmeter
  • Variable sensitivity
  • The most versatile and effective magnetic tester on the market
  • Fast troubleshooting during equipment operation
  • Will not short live circuits
  • Corrosion, water and chemical proof
  • Can be used in any environment

The Mag-Probe® will allow many of its users to get their money back on the first test.


Aircraft Mechanics

Mag-Probe® magnetic field detector is a great tool for testing operation and troubleshooting of many aircrafts systems. Mag-Probe® can be used for testing of aircraft relays, fuel valves, bleed valves and much more.

Oil and Gas

The Mag-Probe® will always protect oil and gas electrical technicians in explosive environments. It is completely encapsulated in a non-conductive material and no contact has to be made during testing.

Elevators Maint. & Repair

Elevator technicians worldwide are reducing troubleshooting considerably using the Mag-Probe®. Where time is money, reduced down-time is important.